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Look what a sweet person [livejournal.com profile] lamardeuse  is <3
I was going to make a fun shoe/dress post today because I'm basically going to a really raunchy prom this weekend but I need to work.

Art hiatus is probably going to be much longer than I expected. Probably until July or even...... next January? Perish the thought ya'll.
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I am shoulders deep scrambling to finish concept art for deadlines and the internet is a far away dream to me now.

But this beauty came in the mail today. )

There is also this string hanging from a branch outside of my window. A robin has been trying to get this string down for WEEKS. He swings on it by his beak and tugs and goes crazy trying to get it down for at least an hour a day. 

I finally got a picture of this intrepid fool. )

Also. Have a doggy:


Apr. 4th, 2011 04:58 pm
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Art hiatus for the next couple of weeks. Might be for longer   ):    <- my face right now because I'm really in the mood to do some H50 art.

Have some puppies in the meantime. )


Mar. 24th, 2011 12:41 am
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Goodbye the last hour of my/several friends lives. At least most of these no longer apply in the rl world/post grad. 
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Got my flu shot. Got a fever and mild illness symptoms from it. Up yours flu shot!

Handed in the last of the last batch of greeting cards FINALLY. Usually I'm really into it but this last batch was just... more difficult for some reason. 

Posting schedule is up for big bang and both of the fics I'm illustrating for are later in the schedule (sweet!). I'm half finished with one painting already. Thankfully, the fic I haven't started sketching for is due late November. Oh sweet big bang gods! You have not failed me!

Survived Toy Story Double feature with a migraine to show for it. 3D movies? I think we need to break up. Didn't see CFine as predicted but it was nice to get out of my studio and see some lovely ladies. 

Manhattan (especially downtown) cracks me up. I'm not usually in the city after February - August, mind you. But this strange transition of everyone near St. Marks going from gauzy dresses and sandals to LAYERS. BLACK LEATHER JACKETS. SKINNY JEANS. HOBO CLOTHING. EVERYONE WEARING THE SAME THING, is amazing. Stay hilarious NYC, stay hilarious. 
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Finished painting 2 out of 3 greeting cards. Hopefully, I'll be finished in time for Supernatural tomorrow. Where is the Merlin premier! It needs to be now!

I haven't studied at all in the last two weeks. I keep my vocab sheets close by, but I'm not really absorbing anything. It's very silly and disheartening that when I'm working a lot, I stop focusing on everything else.

Gearing up for traveling to Boston/Providence. There's this itch that can only be explained by the arrival of the month of September. Kind of a... must see your friends who have become your family, itch. Jeannie and I were joking about making Providence bingo cards. If we see Emma Watson on Thayer St, we win automatically.

I found this in one of the cooking books I bought used a few weeks ago. It made me really, irrationally happy for a few minutes.
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Worked all day and then took a friend out for a walk who I haven't seen in TWO YEARS. We played catch up and went to the beach because he's leaving for Germany tomorrow. FOR A YEAR. Gosh. We compared Russian and German differences and talked about what had happened since we'd last seen each other. Like Obama getting elected :face palm: I need to get better at communication. 

Come home to find my brother and my Mom in a screaming/crying match. That lasted an hour. We all cried. Now I'm exhausted and confused. When will everything work out, I implore you! When! 

I had a picture of a praying mantis that I found in the backyard to show you. But I don't know where my camera is :face palm twice:

I'm going to go look at Slutty!Dorothy Halloween costumes and cry more. Walnut out. 
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Started preliminary sketches and completed research for Gangs of New York/Star Trek crossover stuff for [livejournal.com profile] reel_startrek :wibble: Daniel Day Lewis, stop toying with me! I'm just happy because this means I get to watch the movie while I'm painting today. I keep flipping between Sulu as the Butcher and Spock (lol, whut). [livejournal.com profile] mirroriste, I already know what your opinion would be (Gangs of New York! Sulu= Mirrorverse!Sulu ftw).

Handed in all of my work in time for the deadline. Feeling mighty proud and totally jazzed on caffeine.

Giving myself a break from work and hopefully finishing [livejournal.com profile] boxofmagic tonight/tomorrow night. Touch ups the rest of the week. :score:

Rented the first few discs of Huff to watch while I'm working today. Hai Anton! Hai gurl hai!

I drove around Easton this morning to check out the neighborhoods for possible moving areas. As country, run around in the woods, play with the turkeys and ride the unicorns as our area is, Easton is more so. I think we need somewhere closer to town. We're going to have to capitulate on this one even though I adore the woods and the taxes are much lower. My older brother moved to California yesterday. It was liberating seeing him leave. That's a chapter of our childhood closing (thank god). Best of luck bro, but don't come back. Tom was a bit devastated. As much as we all despise him, he is still family. Tom was shaken that he may never see him again. My mom is likely on the edge of her seat. I'm about to leave the state, she's moving upstate, Mike has left for the West Coast and Tom will likely be moving closer to Sikorsky soon.
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Back from Yale/New Haven. Visited the British Museum and Yale Art Museum. We both kept stopping, в то же самое, to sit and stare at some amazing pieces I missed the last time I visited.  That's when you know it's been a good trip. We drove around the Italian district for an hour or so, cruising to see if it was a possible place for my 'move to' list. Hands in the air for the crew photos downtown! Row bitches row!

MOMA and the Natural History museum on Friday were exhausting. We were embarrassed because we kept comparing the National History Museum to scenes from Night at the Museum. OH BEN STILLER. Reaffirmed my fear of coconut crabs. 

Я иду в The Late Show with David Letterman с Brianna!. убить двух зайцев! Вот как! супэр! Probably in mid July, but I'm still incredibly excited. Очевидно. 

Я иду к севе в комнату. Quinto at the beach posts are too much for my heart. 
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привет Mr. Sun. It is SO good to have you back in the tri-state area. Have a seat. Tea? Lemon with that? BIscuit? Why don't you stay a while? We've got watermelon! супэр! It'll be a party.

It's so good to be outside where it's warm and sunny. I took an hour in the afternoon to lay in the grass and read before repairing the blueberry bush netting. Herb crusted cod for dinner.

Uptown tomorrow.  Yale's rare book library on Sunday with the BF. Hopefully, they'll have some manuscripts on display. 

Still can't believe I'm typing it but RIP Michael Jackson. That was extremely shocking and sad.

On another note: I don't think I could be any more excited for the boxofmagic artist prompts. Holy shit. I can't wait to see the summaries. I want there to also be an impromptu ontd_startrek party post this weekend. Oh, pleasepleaseplease.
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Took a commission to create a tattoo design/ cleaned all of the dishes/ made and froze pizza dough/ started the laundry/ changed my sheets/ worked extra hours/ completed a painting/ read a book. 

I LOVE spring break. 

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 Attempted eyebrow threading. Surprisingly painless. Or has plucking destroyed all hope of feeling in that area? Curious. I am now the proud owner of vaguely neat eyebrows. 

Font of day: Black letter. Takes forever to perform all nuances correctly but is completely worth the effort. Takes forever to make a full block of text. 


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