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I highly recommend this flow chart of Doctor McCoy's reaction to sexual harassment---> Here

I lol'd.

Defiance is a pleasant movie, if only because it has Daniel Craig speaking some very passable Russian. There was a lot of accent slip up but, I never really mind anymore. It's really strange because the accent they used isn't really Russian. It's like this weird Yiddish/Polish/Russian accent. I'm... not really sure what the fuck was going on there. I have a warm spot in my heart for Jamie Bell roaming dense white pine forests in the mist, pulled horse stew and Mia Wasikowska, now.

The warm weather is making me want to skip instead of walk. There are leaves all over our driveway that I'm feeding in heaps to the rabbits and everything smells so heavy and rich. I wish that we could freeze time and keep autumn. It always passes so quickly, especially when I'm not in Providence. Soon it will be wet, cold and misty all the time. I'm trying to stay outside, in the forest, as much as possible before it becomes too bitter to enjoy. Это - почти тушатся и пульмени сезон. 

Небольшой пудель уезжает в воскресенье. Я буду в Нью-Йорке.  Я нетерпелив, чтобы оставить Штат Коннектикут. 

Проблемы с принтером в Штате Миннесота. ФМЛ.


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