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Welcome to Merlin fandom[livejournal.com profile] taleya .

Merlin fandom basically goes like this:

In conclusion:


1. Basically everything [info]syllic  has ever written. Easy There is a particular go to fic for me.
2. rageprufrock rocks all the socks here. Drastically Redefining Protocol etc.
3. We're a Storm in Someone Else's Teacup
4. Quickening Days
5. Still the New World
6. Job Orientation
7. I know you and I share a penchant for this so, An Unnecessary Freezing of Water
8. [info]astolat 
9. It is super worth while to download the cast and crew episode commentaries for season 1. As well as watch videos of everyone riding roller coasters. Bradley James fooling around at train stations late at night. Colin being adorkable and nerding out in caves. All of that. Also, Bradley has a twitter? He posts pictures of his shiny hair.
10. History of Conversations on Paper which I LOVE LIKE THERE IS NO ENDING.
11. Two Weeks Notice
12. The Accidental Seduction
13. [info]ras_elased  in general
14. A Thousand Different Skins
15. Obeisance
16. This seems to have a lot of beauties listed
17, This is a pretty general thing to point you to but I've found some gold, rooting through here.

Alas, I have been pretty out of this fandom since early 2010... so all these recs are hells bells old. There are SO many good stories [info]taleya . 
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