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Three pieces for [livejournal.com profile] nonesane 's big bang fic 'Open Secrets'! The quote in italics corresponds with each illustration.


Holmes looked ready to answer, but whatever that answer would have been was lost as he changed his mind and snapped his jaw shut again. With an air of forced nonchalance, he began taking of the gloves and threw them into the shadows near the fireplace. Watson had to stop himself from saying something, anything.
Holmes cleared his throat. “Well, I must admit you've managed to surprise me.” The words left his mouth reluctantly, as if all of them were frightened children, coaxed out from behind their mothers. “I do believe I've completely lost my appetite.  My energy shall be better spent going through these books than forcing mouthfuls of cold soup down my throat.” With that, he began to head for his room, arms full of dusty books he'd more or less scraped off the floor.
He paused in the doorway only long enough to say: “Enjoy your dinner, Doctor.”


“...for you to be running off to some ball!” Inspector Lestrade nearly deafened him as he opened the door to the sitting room. Holmes was seated at the table, also recently risen from bed judging by his state of dress, surrounded by a sea of clothes Watson recognized as his own and calmly consuming a plate of eggs and bacon. Right behind him stood a red-faced Lestrade, his brow knitted in rage and frustration.

“Actually, it's a soirée,” Holmes quipped, apparently completely at ease with Lestrade towering over him."


"Watson nodded stiffly and lifted an eyebrow as Adler did the same. Without a word, Morstan linked her arm with his again and waited until Adler had made her way back inside before guiding him through the crowd of guests.

“How do you two know each other?” Watson inquired as they made their way towards the room of Mr. Foret's entertainment.

“Know whom?” Morstan replied in an absent-minded fashion, her eyes betraying her calm by darting back and forth between the door ahead and the windows to their left."
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